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Quote Date July 26, 2022
Total ₹59,199.00
Praveen Antony
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Domain Name (.in) / 2 Years

Price is approximate for 2 years and we can go with .in as target audience are from India or if you want to go for .com the pricing is Rs. 2500/2 years approx.

1 Hosting

Prices are calculated per year as it is application server

1 SSL Certificate

Renews every year

1 Annual Application Maintenance

Why need to go for maintainance and whats included?

Wordpress developers releases updates and security patches which we need to update from time to time (Every month) to stay updated.
Non updating of core wordpress files leads to security vulnerabilities.
Service also includes updating themes and plugins apart from core wordpress.
Updating themes and plugins again save us from security vulnerabilities.
Updating themes and plugins let us to use updated features offered by them.
During update website might break or website may crash, Its our responsibility to bring it back to normal.

1 Corporate email setup

We'll be using Zoho and upto 5 emails are free with our domain name.

1 Website creation 2-3 Pages

Static corporate website

1 Appointment system

End to End appointment booking system. Inclusive of template cost, development, configuration and testing.

1 On Page SEO

On Page SEO for making website Google search frirendly

Sub Total ₹59,199.00
Tax ₹0.00
Total ₹59,199.00

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