Quote Number QUO-17
Quote Date August 6, 2022
Total ₹27,000.00
Legal Corporate Firm


Discounted Rs. 5,000/- as it is from Rohan Contact

If only website needed - Rs. 23,000 (Discounted)

For On page SEO & Mail - Rs. 4,000 (Discounted)



1. Landing page or home page

2. About us

2.1  overview

2.2  why us

2.3  leadership team

3. Our Services

3.1  Banking

3.2  Real estate

3.3  Living will

3.4  other services ( Since we don't have contents and only services heading we can combine all others to one)

4. Contact us

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Website Development (Approx. 10 Pages)

1. Clean and Intuitive design.
2. Supports large devices to smaller devices.
3. Optimized for Search Engine Optimization ( Google Search ).
4. Custom design from scratch.
5. Clean and Best Coding standard.
6. Faster loading experience ( Also depends on Web Server).
7. Optimization of images for best performance.
8. Whatsapp integration for instant messaging.
9. One tap call from website to make contact easier.
10. Google Map integration.
11. High Quality Premium Copyright free images used and no additional charges.
11. Testing the completely created website end to end

1 On Page SEO

On page SEO configuration for web pages on how the website shows up on google search console. Making it friendly for Google Search to show our website.

1 Corporate mail Setup

Will be configuring corporate mail id in Zoho or Google based on your requirement

Sub Total ₹32,000.00
Tax ₹0.00
Discount -₹5,000.00
Total ₹27,000.00

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