Quote Number QUO-27
Quote Date November 8, 2022
Total ₹26,000.00
Business Owner

The below price is only for running a Ad Campaigns and list of activities mentioned below for a month.

The prices are exclusive of the budget to be invested on Facebook or Instagram for Ad campaigns and needs to be paid prior to start of the campaign and the below costing can be paid after work gets completed.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Graphic Post Designing for Social Media Campaign

Will be creating 3 Graphic Poster for Facebook Campaigns

1 Competitive and keyword analysis

Will be analysing our competitors, what kind of post they share, how they market and will choose right keyword

3 Creating Campaigns on Facebook / Instagram (Paid Marketing)

Will create campaigns on Facebook based on customer expectation to reach more people and to have more engagements. By doing this people will come to know about the brand and about the offers or updates. (3 Campaigns)

Sub Total ₹26,000.00
Tax ₹0.00
Total ₹26,000.00

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