Quote Number QUO-38
Quote Date July 29, 2023
Total ₹23,000.00
SS Enterprises

Below is the competitive price for the services offered. I have reduced 10,000 as known people (from close contact). The below quote doesn't inclusive of domain name because domain pricing changes on the extensions. Example .in, .com, .biz.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 WebSite Development 2-5 Pages


1. Clean and Intuitive design
2. Supports large devices to smaller devices
3. Optimized for Search Engine Optimization ( Google Search )
4. On Page SEO
5. Custom design from scratch
6. Clean and Best Coding standard
7. Faster loading experience
8. Optimization of images for best performance
9. Whatsapp integration for instant messaging
10. One tap call from website to make contact easier
11. Google Map integration
12. High Quality Premium Copyright free images used and no additional charges
13. Deploying the created website

1 Logo Designing

1.Creative logo for branding with clear and concise requirement collected from you.
2. Before development we understand your company. What you do. List of services offered.
3. Based on understanding will suggest you list of elements to be included in the logo.
4. Vibrant colors used to focus the brand in between other brands
5. 2-3 Revision Options offered
6. All Source files- PNG • JPG • PDF
7. 2-4 days Fast Delivery
8. Non - Copyrighted Logo ( Easy Trademark)

1 Web Hosting + SSL

Renews every year
Hosting - 3000
SSL - 800 (SSL is for HTTPS - Secured Website)

1 Corporate mail configuration

Above costing is to setup and configure the corporate mail.
You can choose whether on Gmail or Zoho or any other mail service provider.

Gmail - 136 + Tax /User (Example : support@company.com)
Mail ID x 136 + Tax

Zoho - Upto 5 Users free forever (I suggest this for startup)

1 Brochure - 2 Pages ₹2,000.000.00%₹2,000.00
Sub Total ₹33,000.00
Tax ₹0.00
Discount -₹10,000.00
Total ₹23,000.00

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