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Quote Date February 27, 2023
Total ₹26,000.00
YouWe Media


Maintenance is Optional, You can opt for maintenance or if you can do it by yourself, you can take care of it.

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1 WebSite Development - Wordpress CMS

Includes everything from Scratch. Customized website development

1. Clean and Intuitive design
2. Supports large devices to smaller devices
3. Optimized for Search Engine Optimization ( Google Search )
4. On Page SEO
5. Custom design from scratch
6. Clean and Best Coding standard
7. Faster loading experience
8. Optimization of images for best performance
9. Whatsapp integration for instant messaging
10. One tap call from website to make contact easier
11. Google Map integration
12. High Quality Premium Copyright free images used and no additional charges
13. Deploying the created website

1 Website Maintenance

Renews yearly

Why Wordpress?

Highly Scalable, Can add and deploy features easily in the future.
Search Engine Optimisation friendly. Google ranks our page in shorter time.
Safe and Secure platform.
It powers 43% of websites in the world
It's Opensource.

Why need to go for maintainance and whats included?

Wordpress developers releases updates and security patches which we need to update from time to time (Every month) to stay updated.
Non updating of core wordpress files leads to security vulnerabilities.
Service also includes updating themes and plugins apart from core wordpress.
Updating themes and plugins again save us from security vulnerabilities.
Updating themes and plugins let us to use updated features offered by them.
During update website might break or website may crash, Its our responsibility to bring it back to normal.

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Discount -₹12,000.00
Total ₹26,000.00

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